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Who I am

I am a novice designer with an affinity for small details and handcrafting. A variety of creative hobbies, from sketching to moulding, decorating and even knitting, has let me expand my sense of aesthetic and skills in craftsmanship. As a Latvian, I take pride in my national heritage, which is why every now and then my designs include small elements of the Latvian culture.

What I do

After graduating high school in Latvia, I travelled to The Netherlands to enrol in a design program. After two and a half years of studies, travels and explorations I have gathered experience in a wide variety of projects I worked on together with students and professionals of diverse ethnic, education and experience backgrounds. After I graduate next summer, I hope to start engaging productively in the Latvian design scene - a competent, yet developing industry which I see as an open grounds for creative and innovative contribution.