Product design

In this section, you'll find various solo projects I have done either as assignments or by personal initiative. The products cover various techniques of craftsmanship and explore a variety of different materials.


Team projects

On this page, you will find a handful of projects I have worked on together with a team. Made for specific clients, they cover various categories of design, such as concepts, services and interior installations.

Owl 2

Form modelling & sculpting

Free-hand modelling is a great practice for form exploration. While this section is a small one, it contains some good examples of what can be done with clay or foam and a few simple tools.

Form design project. Swivel peeler. Marketing board.

Graphic design

Though not abundant, this is a section with some examples of my graphic design, including posters, flyers and infographics made using vector composition and photo editing software.

Banana leaf


Good photographs always come in handy. See the gallery for some of my best examples. Do you think I have an eye for a perfect shot?

Pastel. Interior study

Visual art

Sketching is not just something an artist or designer does to get a point across. If you happen to be pedantic, like me, drawing, painting and sketching can be an immersive activity with a fun result. See for yourself!