Free-hand modelling is a great practice for form exploration. While this section is a small one, it contains some good examples of what can be done with clay or foam and a few simple tools.

Sculping miniatures

Modelling clay, widely regarded only as a children's plaything, is an underrated material. With the help of as little as a few referance images, a toothpick, and a well-lit workspace, a few lumps of colourful clay can be turned into an awesome little desk companion.

Chrome Kettle

The idea behind this foam kettle prototype (yes, it's foam) was to make something that looks futuristic. Now, aside from white glossy surfaces, carbon fiber things and transparent toutchscreens, what says "futuristic" more than the 1960s space era?

Swivel peeler

A form redesign of an uncomfortable peeler. Out of several tested forms, the best-looking and feeling one was selected, then recreated as a foam model, a 3D model and finally photographic renders.

Knife sharpener

Made as an addition to the peeler (see above), the sharpener has similar form features. It is based on a classic, old knife sharpener model and is fitted with two sharpening wheels, contained by a simple assembly.