In this section, you'll find various solo projects I have done either as assignments or by personal initiative. The products cover various techniques of craftsmanship and explore a variety of different materials.

Furniture design

The Silent Bell

Solo design project for graduation

This is a piece of furniture or rather - an installation that is intended for open floor plan offices, that, even though encourage communication, can get far too noisy. The Silent Bell is a construction made from noise absorbing fibre boards, that telescopically lower from the ceiling to create a quiet space around the user. Perfect for personal use at a desk or for a meeting one-on-one.

Accessory design

Custom design brooches

Materials: plywood, glue, paint

Method: laser cutting

These pins or brooches are custom-made for 3 different wearers. 2 of the pin designs include the wearers' initials - AC and BC. The 3rd and 4th pin is a stylized image of a snake and a squirrel, as per wearer's request. The base pieces are variations on the shapes for coats of arms. They are painted by hand with an acrylic paint.

Furniture design

Briefcase table, upcycled

Materials: old briefcase, wood, fabric, paint, a mirror

Method: carpentry, refurbishing

A unique piece of furniture for a dressing room or bedroom that surely catches the eye. The table is made by refurbishing and repurposing a secondhand leather briefcase. The legs of the table are custom carved and painted, while the original braces allow fastening the briefcase, providing a private storage space for precious things. The interior of the briefcase is remodelled to include a wooden table top and a mirror on a suede base.


Toy truck

Materials: plywood

Method: carpentry

A simple, small carpentry project, created for a craftsmanship assignment. Sometimes, something classic is all you need.

Jewellery design

Phone ring

Materials: Resin, dye, glitter

Method: silicon mould

A simple, comedic variation on children's jewellery. Made by casting a silicon mould from a hand-carved foam model of the ring.