On this page, you will find a handful of projects I have worked on together with a team. Made for specific clients, they cover various categories as design, such as concepts, services and interior installations.

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Windowfarm XXL

Product design. Created after the initiative of the organization Windowfarms NL, this is an indoor gardening system optimized for larger public spaces, primarily classrooms. The purpose of Windowfarm XXL is to provide a new, interactive and engaging medium for children to learn about botany and gardening in class. The construction uses hydroponics to automatically water plants.

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Pass the Pedal

Service design. This project attempts to solve a regionally specific issue - reducing the multitude of abandoned bicycles in The Hague, Netherlands. Just like in other Dutch cities, The Hague is littered with abandoned bicycles, taking up a lot of precious parking space. Bikes in NL have little value, which does not motivate owners to look after them. This is an attempt to create a service that tackles one of bike abandonment causes.

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Blyp: office system

Concept design. An office installation and interior arrangement project that tackles problems common in small workspaces, like startup offices. The Blyp office incorporates a collaborative interior arrangement with a handy and efficient communication and data sharing tool - a Blyp tablet.