Concept design

Blyp: office system

The Blyp office is an office space solution designed to optimize the work environment, connectivity and use of space in small office rooms, typically housing start-up companies.

The concept aims to find a balance between privacy for focus and connectivity between colleagues. There are 3 main features in the office - the customised desk, the ergonomic chair and the Blyp office sharing system.

Firstly, the customised desks with included privacy panels constitute a comfortable working space, that can provide enough privacy for focused working, while not sectioning off the user in a way that would make them feel isolated. The angle in the desk on the left-hand side provides a partial division, while the larger divider panel is pulled out to the side of the desk and bent in a way that provides a partial or full barrier to the right of the user.

Secondly, the chair is an ergonomically planned sit-stand chair. Its height is adjustable and it provides a comfortable support. The seat is slanted, so the user sits only partially, while still supporting some of their weight with their legs. The back support leans forward, over the seat of the chair and its position can be adjusted by the user leaning backwards and putting weight on the back support.

Thirdly, the Blyp office connection system provides a platform for interaction, cooperation and file sharing among colleagues in the office. BlypBoards - individual tablets assigned to each person in the office - are interconnected wirelessly in the office and provide a simple interface for sharing files, notes, memos and other information only among colleagues. In the centre of the office the Blyp desk, connected to the local BlypBoards, serves as a collaboration medium, providing a 360° interactive touchscreen surface, eliminating the need to pile and pass around papers or forward files, as it can display and share content of any and all BlypBoards.

The project received a highly commended award in the Walls 2 Workstations and Orangebox student design competition 2017.

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This team project was created by design students Elza Circene, Eoghan Barret and Christopher Barret

 at University of Limerick, Ireland.