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Pass the Pedal

In The Netherlands, a secondhand bike has little value. One would typically buy one on Facebook, ride it until it broke down, then be faced with a handful of options - either fix it up, sell it, or dispose of it, then buy another.

Designated parking stations can already be critical on space, not including the bikes that are parked never to be picked up again. That is why the local bike depot regularly tags and picks up abandoned bicycles from parking racks in public spaces.

Here's our team's design goal:
Design a product or service that reduces the dissipation of the bicycle parking facilities for idle (parked for >2 weeks) or broken bikes and reserves them for ‘active’ bicycles. This should encourage cyclists' activity by reducing the possibility of not having a parking space.

And here is the solution.
Pass the Pedal. A bike sharing service.

The main function of the service would be to provide an option for students to rent 2nd hand bicycles for low rates. A subscription plan would offer a 2nd hand bicycle, discounts for repairs at the company shops and options to suspend the subscription for a certain period during absences, like school holidays. While not in need of a bicycle, the users would be encouraged to return it to the Pass the Pedal company, who could in the meantime rent them out to non-subscribers for a daily rate.

The company would acquire 2nd hand bicycles from the local bike depo, who collect multitudes of abandoned bikes monthly and from Leger des Heils - the salvation army, that acquires bicycle parts from broken bikes at the depot and provides people in need with work to repair and put bikes together anew.

In a best-case scenario, a service like this would eliminate the portion of idle and broken bicycles abandoned by students finishing their study year, going on longer absences or simply not wishing to deal with or knowing what to do with a broken bicycle.

Knowing The Hague to be a popular destination for students from all around the world, a better circulation of bicycles might significantly alleviate the current stress on bike parking spaces.

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This team project was created by design students Elza Circene, Emily Joens, Maximilian Tan, Oskar Jordan, Yuanzhe Liu and Sandor Mate Olah

 at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands.