Product design

Windowfarm XXL

The Windowfarm XXL is a construction made for indoor gardening. Windowfarms are typically DIY constructions created by urban gardening enthusiasts from PET bottles and installed indoors in front of windows. They function by the hydroponics principle - water is pumped from a water tank to the top of the system and gradually drips downward through the soil in the bottles.

This project - Windowfarm XXL - was created after the request of an organization called Windowfarms NL. The goal for our team was to create a larger, manufacturable version of a windowfarm that would be optimized for educational purposes and could easily be used in schools to help children learn about botany.

The final model consists of a base unit and planting modules. The base unit includes a semi-transparent water tank, a pump and a switch for LED strips (built into the frame). A single module includes a stackable steel frame, a planting container with a fitting plate and LED strips. Modules can be connected, making the Windowfarm XXL expandable. The construction is completed with a tube, fastened at the top and bottom units, that brings water from the tank up to the top from whence it drips down through the planting containers.

The design was approved by Windowfarms NL and the prototype is currently in use in schools in the Netherlands.


This team project was created by design students Alisa Mazure, Elza Circene, Michael Dresler, Esmée Messemaker and Charlotte Stoopman

 at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands.